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View and Download Kodak EASYSHARE ZD user manual online. Zoom digital camera. EASYSHARE ZD Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Kodak EasyShare ZD user manual online. Zoom digital camera. EasyShare ZD Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Kodak EasyShare ZD user manual online. EasyShare zoom digital camera. EasyShare ZD Digital Camera pdf manual download.

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Press the flash button repeatedly to scroll through flash 2 modes. A check mark appears on the picture. Use Bookmarks—The camera uses bookmarked frames. The picture is saved unless you press the Delete button. Email tag Perfect Touch tech. Subjects illuminated by candle light. Camera favorites will no longer synchronize with EasyShare software. Make sure the camera isThe Direct print menu interfaceturns off.

Protecting pictures and videos from deletionPress Review. Using Optical Zoom If you are using no zoom 1X, wide angleyou can be as close as 24 in. Confirm that the battery in camera is charged. The slide show repeats until you press OK or until battery power is exhausted. If practical, connect the camera to a Kodak 3-volt AC adapter sold separatelythen try again.


Multi-zone default —evaluates 5 zones to give an even picture focus. Auto default —the camera uses the card if one is Choose a storage location for pictures in the camera. Kodak Perfect Touch technology can only be used with pictures, not video.

Only the 2- and second options are available in video mode. For average SD card capacities, visit www.

Center-zone—evaluates the small area centered in the viewfinder. Unless a specific Kodak warranty is communicated to the purchaser in writing by a Kodak company, no warranty or liability exists beyond any minimum requirements imposed by law, even though defect, damage, or loss may be by negligence or other act.

Kodak ZD710 Digital Camera User Manual

Inserting or removing a card while it is being accessedby the camera may damage pictures, card, or camera. After installing the software, return to this Getting Started Guide.

To delete favorites from your camera, press the Delete button while in Favorites mode. AF Control Still Choose an auto-focus setting. Page 7 1Setting up your cameraAttaching the lens cap and strapwww. Page 41 About View camera information, including firmware version. To prevent camera shake, use a tripod for slow shutter speeds. Direct Printing pictbridge Problems Press any button to redisplay the menu.

Reviewing pictures and videos To stop recording, press and releasethe Shutter button again.

Setting up your cameraStoring pictures on an SD cardYour camera has internal memory. Page 34 4Doing more with your cameraCapture modesChoose the mode that best suits yoursubjects and surroundings. Protection settings are not copied.


Contact a dealer of Kodakproducts for more information. We recommend Kodak SD cards. To apply protection to a picture or video, see to highlight the Review tab.

Press OK again to replay. Page 37 Shutter button halfway down to focus. Your manual failed to upload Table of contents 1 1 Setting up your camera Transferring and printing picturesPrinting from a PictBridge enabled printer1 Turn on the printer.

How to Operate the Kodak EasyShare ZD Zoom digital camera « Digital Cameras :: WonderHowTo

Printing Pictures Connecting the camera mwnual a PictBridge enabled printer 1 Turn off the camera and printer. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Page 12 3 Press the Shutter button completely down to take the picture. Daylight—for pictures in natural lighting. The video is saved unless you press the Delete button. Tag pictures 1 Press the Share button. Australia Austria Belgium 02 14 45 Brazil 42 13 Canada 1 China