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PLMC: LO They are available via SAPNet to Country-Specific Units None Course Instructor Profile Experienced instructor or consultant who is. Curriculum Vitae Agata Majzel SAP R/3 and Oracle Agile PLM Solution Designer BC BC BC LO LO LO LO LO LO LO Training Development and Delivery Consultant (SAP Trainer, Coach, Business Analysis, . Senior SAP PM Trainer – LO Plant Maintenance course. SAP.

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The order and notification are then completed. You merely have to specify the time of removal, the account assignment, and the date of transferral to storage if necessary, batches for the condition-based valuation.

This concerns a BOM for the plant Data from the functional location is automatically copied to any fields that do not contain entries. The location and account assignment data specified for the maintenance order is fixed and can no longer be changed. It can also contain a technical confirmation for example, causes of damage, activities performed which can be executed in a maintenance notification.

Preventive Maintenance with Strategy Copy all the sub-objects proposed. Gears Level 3 Sub-equipment: This enables you to track who has changed the data or status of specific fields and when they were changed.

You use the availability check function for this. If the technical object has been assigned to a class, all the characteristics for this class are available at the object, that is, the characteristics can be valued for each object. This has the following advantages: SAP provides you with a range of diverse mobile scenarios.

LO – Plant MaintenanceC – Free Download PDF

All technical characteristics become available for an object when a technical object for example, equipment is assigned to a class. If the location used as a template is classified, you can also copy its classification into the new functional location.

A warning message appears if the same user attempts to log on twice or more. These are special statistical tables that contain basic data from different applications.


Select the cause code in the area for the item: In contrast to the installation at the functional location, there are no installation specifications for installing in another piece of equipment, in other words, pieces of equipment that cannot be installed at a functional location can be installed in another piece of equipment.

The second level is now displayed in the new view. Displays Possible Entries Co Checkboxes allow you to select several options simultaneously within a group. Any differences between the purchase order value and invoice value are subsequently debited from the order or credited to it. The following courses provide information on integration: Delivery date Required end date of operation Desired vendor Fixed vendor Account assignment category F Request date Creation date of operation Release date Creation date of operation Check services in the purchase requisition: The current month would then be proposed automatically as a selection criterion.

LO100 – Plant Maintenance-4.6C

A purchase order can contain items for stock material, consumable material, or services. SAP AG When you prepare work using operations, you can plan at three different detail levels, depending on the type of maintenance order and the scope of the work planned: The object type enables a more exact division of the equipment categories for example, equipment category for machines or object type for motors.

You can assign task lists to maintenance strategies. Damage identified during the inspection should automatically trigger a malfunction report in the SAP System. Technical confirmations are also entered sa; record the repair and condition of the oo100 system. You can also display the list of orders executed as additional information. It is not usually order-specific. Single cycle plan At the conclusion of these exercises, you will be able to: Profile number Business operations for which serialization can be, must be or is not performed.

During a delivery, partner data is automatically transferred from the delivery note to the serial number master record when ll100 issues are posted.


Required quantity in order: SAP AG If a service has been provided by the external company, the service is entered using a service entry sheet, which is created with reference to the purchase order number.

Characteristic inheritance enables you to define a central characteristic, which is required in all the subordinate classes, once to a superior class and not have to assign it explicitly to each class. Estimate the running wheel diameter at mm.

sap lo pdf – P(1) –

You then enter the actual services provided in the service specifications, which are copied to the service entry sheet. Objectives At the conclusion of this unit, you will be able to: If there is a lack of availability, you can display an error log that contains detail data about the result of the check.

These operations can then be included either in a maintenance plan or in order planning. The partner determination procedure specifies whether partners are allowed for a particular object and which lo010 functions are possible for performing business transactions. L1o00 this way, you as the person who entered the notification automatically receive any important information at this point.

The technician first scans the barcode ID for each measuring point and counter using a barcode reader, and then enters the counter reading manually. You can use this function when you want to predefine qualitative or descriptive measurement readings in the catalog system, or if you want to use these predefined values when entering counter readings.

Which functions are determined lo00 the category of functional location? Counters are used to record continually changing quantities.

In the same way, newly-created functional locations are automatically arranged in the correct position in an existing hierarchy.