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A rich kid fears he won’t realize his college dream in this sedate, bloodless drama . Lucky Fools. Coert Voorhees. BookPage review by Angela Leeper. Web Exclusive – July 06, Seventeen-year-old David Ellison and his fellow Oak Fields. Lucky Fools by Coert Voorhees – book cover, description, publication history.

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Lots of this kind of low-grade drama, mixed in with an anonymous menace on campus who is ‘outing’ students whose perfect exteriors mask unsavory truths.

Even Ellen is very imperfect, with a jealous streak that has no boundaries.

Lucky Fools by Coert Voorhees

I go to a very competitive high school and every year the pressure keeps building and building. I also thought that clert the characters, especially Vanessa’s brother, were well-written and authentic, there were some random things thrown in like a lawsuit that’s randomly droppeda few “friends” who pop in and out without a purpose, luckh no finality with David.

I think it will really be enjoyed more by those of us that have been there, done that.

Star ratings in green are reader reviews. It bothered me that I couldn’t remember the names of some of the characters especially the supporting characters. David’s angst takes him in some predictable directions, plotwise, and his character is one we’ve met, repeatedly, since Jerry Renault decided to disturb the universe in The Chocolate War. He begins luck a little bit of background information on David and then it goes on to tell his story about the decisions he must make that could change his future.

It comes so close to perfection, but just falls short.

Lucky Fools by Coert Voorhees – Review | BookPage | BookPage

They didn’t expect a scholarship–they were going to pay full admission fees. So David’s confusion over what he wants, it all made a lot of sense to me, down to how he feels about applying to a top notch college, a place he doesn’t really want to go to at first but decides he has to apply to, coerh everyone else is so he has to do that too ccoert part of what defines him. It seems anyone who has the potential of acheiving high standards could be next, including David.


But that was because the adaptation they’re vorhees is some odd interpretation wherein Nick kisses Daisy. Ellen, David’s girlfriend is smart, pretty and loyal, almost to a fault but I had a hard time with their relationship.

Lucky Fools

I really liked David’s character, he’s hilarious and has sort of an inflated head – vooryees don’t we all – and he just had me glued to the book as he’s trying to figure out what exactly he wants, whether its girls or colleges or his acting career.

Her mom and her I liked this book, but i At Oak Fields Prep, students are expected to attend top-notch universities like Stanford, which can be seen from the school parking lot, but all David Ellison wants to do is attend Julliard and purse an acting career.

He’s determined to make his dream a Like these other books Lucky Fools is another fiction book. He also is about to destroy his relationship with his girlfriend Ellen, because he is falling for his new co-star Vanessa. I think I also have to say this book can be rather chaotic, it’s jumpy in places and not at all nice or clean.

It also features a vast In a sudden plot twist, Stanford goes all “there can only be one,” and announces that the top students of Oakfield Prep must fight to the death metaphorically to win a spot. David has his dreams set on Julliard instead of Stanford like every other kid in his grade and David knows the risk he is taking by trying to get into Julliard.


Vanessa didn’t impress me either and I felt like David was more enamored with her than he should’ve been; something Ellen and his sister Lisa tried to warn him about. What other people think or is it how YOU feel about yourself and the career you’ve chosen to pursue? Is it measured in the amount of fame one receives?

Published July 10th by Hyperion Books for Children. When I first heard about this book I was really excited about it! And there you have it, the reason for my headache. The authors purpose about this book is to have luck.

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Sometimes I wonder, how the hell did this get published? At first, it seems like David is just going to be an observer of The Artist bringing anarchy to the Oak Fields’ campus.

If I went out to play lhcky I would always have luck but it just might not work on that game or at that time. Your second chance to fools and go…. And David just had so much to say, just by telling it as it is, about high school, about life, I really connected with him. I absolutely HATE the ending His relationship with his current girlfriend is also threatened by his developing crush on his co-star Vanessa. Lucky Fools A novel by Coert Voorhees. Already have an account?