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Huang Han Xun. LUOHAN GONG. Shaolin Internal Training Set. ” As far as the Breath and Qi is concerned, it must not only make the man energetic and his. Revisión histórica del set ‘shiba luohan gong’ o ‘Qi-Gong de los 18 monjes iluminados’ perteneciente al estílo ‘Qixing TangLang Quan’ o ‘Mantis Religiosa de.

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THREE GATES | Luohan Gong THREE GATES | Exploring the World of Luohan Gong

Available in eBook Huang Han Xun. The spine column plays a key role in the control, circulation and storage of energy in the human body. Solid, stable stances are a prerequisite to power and speed…. Straining lluohan groups of muscles, mental concentration and breathing make QI start circulating properly in the body.

For it, when filling in the online order form, please choose the option ” CD on Demand “. The Hands of the 18 Luohan teaches and trains the martial artists to use the breath, and the mind and to use his body correctly to maximize his physical strength as well as to develop his inner power Chi and to use and to guide this energy to generate tremendous power in his strikes, blocks or kicks; but above all it teaches the martial artists the beauty, unity and harmony within and without.

When Bodhidharma arrived in China luohaj had as his mission to spread the teachings of the Enlightened One.

We repeat that cycle three times. We make sure that the back Ming Men stays open and remain in this position for some breath cycles.

Every movement whether it is going up or down should originate in luphan leg and from there flow to the lumbar vertebrae, then the thoracic vertebrae and finally to the cervical vertebrae. We should not forget that in former times, the combats were to death and the martial artist was actually putting his life on the line.

For the martial arts it means to be fully there, in body, mind and soul and at the same time to be free, to goong and react. But any change also demands courage, discipline, perseverance, humbleness and determination: Then we change sides. Part 3 When lyohan right fist is up for the last time, we shift the weight completely to the right so that the toes of the left foot lose contact with the floor. The exercises strengthen the muscles, bones and sinews — the whole body is filled with Qi.


From a physical, mental, emotional, economical and spiritual point of view the importance of the spinal column cannot be. However, if you start to master one luohaan after another by stages and gradually increase the time for training sessions you will soon feel positive changes in your body. This is a key point of Qigong and Chinese martial arts.

Thereafter we finish the exercise and turn back to the starting position. To open eBook file, you must have ZIP software installed on your computer.

A martial artist in the traditional sense from Mars the god of war is a soldier; a spiritual soldier whose real objective is to fight the evils of ignorance, desires, anger, envyegoism, etc. The relationship between breath, mind, and energy control is well known to martial artists and to those that have ever ventured into the world of energy control. He had ligaments made of copper and skeleton made of iron.

The Physical, mental and spiritual training associated to the training of the Hands of the 18 Luohan, as well as to the traditional martial arts are a fine compliment to the spiritual seeker. We then dissolve the posture sinking into the left leg and pulling the hands apart on stomach level like an arch again. Here follows a brief description and explanation of these principles as applied to the Martial Arts: You can find more exercises in our media section: According to the legend, Bodhidharma spent nine years meditating in a cave near the Shaolin Temple on the mountains of Songshan in the province of Henan.

We repeat this exercise three times to both sides. Undisputable advantage of that method lies in the fact that profound knowledge of QIGONG theory, quite complicated for understanding, is unnecessary for its effective employment. He is completely awareof the situation because emotions and thoughts do not cloud the Mind, the real Self and thus it can be natural, spontaneous Tzu Janfree in all its splendor.


The Shaolin “Treatises on Fighting Arts” say: In other words, when we do Qigong we are not only purifying our system but we are also nourishing it, strengthening the body, making it more vital, energetic, more fit and thus, in the case of a fighter, getting his body machine into optimal conditioning.

Luohan Gong

The breath Qi has to strengthen the physical force Li and the force Li has to lead the breath Qi. Since ancient times and in different traditions, monkhood and martial skills have been associated. In total we repeat three times, left and right. Part 2 We turn back to the starting position and step a shoulder width apart.

It is also important to examine the role that Chinese medicine attributes to the breath; according lukhan it, human beings have two ways of obtaining energy: Customer Service Europe Languages: To understand this concept think of not letting a harsh word to reach the intended target by putting no opposition a drop of water on a lotus leaf will slide off or for a martial artist letting the right shoulder go back due to a push and thus naturally watching how the left one comes forward with a strike or saving energy by intercalating soft, yielding movements when needed, with forceful ones.

As we describe the correct movement of the spine using the Three Gates, a special mention must be given to the Dan Tien that acts as an anchoring point from where originates every movement. Physiologically a correct and good breathing pattern high oxygen intake and elimination of carbon dioxide using the diaphragm is fundamental to all the gnog functions.