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Duomenų gavybos studijų programos baigiamasis magistro darbas Baigiamajame magistro darbe nagrin÷jamos gų pletros tendencijos ir strategijos. HERITAGE? Magistro baigiamasis darbas. Teisės vientisųjų studijų programa, valstybinis kodas S Vadovas (-ė) Prof. Julija Kiršienė ______ _____. Magistro baigiamasis darbas. Socialinės ir politinės kritikos programa, valstybinis kodas L Politikos mokslų studijų kryptis. Vadovas.

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Furthermore, the research of artificial intelligence system examines both: Historically speaking, copyright, industrial property, trademarks and others were separate terms. The second part of the thesis compares previously analyzed aspects of European copyright law to its counterparts in the copyright law of the United States.

Furthermore, in both cases the constraints are emphasized because of the technical limitations that are imposed due to practical considerations. Machine Consciousness 75 Generally, originality level is sufficient enough when it is possible to distinguish a work from other daily, casual works.

The result of intellectual activity means that the work must be an output of the intellectual labour of author. Anja Oskamp, Arno R.

Magistro baigiamasis darbas VU MSc 4s MagistroBaigiamasisDarbas – Wikiversity

Therefore, there is a substantial urge to fill the lack of regulation of 35 Peter Voss, Essentials of general intelligence: After analysing criteria of patentability for an object in general, patentability of artificial intelligence system created an object can be discussed.

The judgments are analyzed in the light of applicable national supranational and international law. More specifically, this sub-chapter is devoted to the definition of originality standard and its application to websites. Therefore, it must be concluded that one of the criterion for copyrightability is that an object must be a result of intellectual activity performed by any kind of intelligence.

Tulane Law Review Vol. Therefore, when artificial intelligence system becomes conscious and develops cognitive thinking, adapts general idea of law, economy and social behaviour, subsequently it might be categorised as legal entity.


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This decision was made in the light of legislation based on the InfoSoc Directive, and found that internet browsing does not fall under temporary copies exception, and it requires the permission of the copyright holder. Scholars analyse legal darbsa regarding conscious artificial intelligence system on topics such as privacy, intellectual property law, identity, whether it is capable acting autonomously, legal status of it and others.

According to so called work for hire doctrine, if employee s job is to invent for the employer, owner of the invention becomes the employer.

Object of the research: It is noteworthy that artificial intelligence system is already capable of creating intellectual property. The organization of studying process and its changes will be possible only if disabled people speak out loud about their needs, discuss with the teachers, and write requests for the administration.

Furthermore, it might be presumed that the output of the system would be acquired by the owner of that system. The issue of this thesis is within legal uncertainty whether an intellectual property, created by conscious artificial intelligence system, belongs to the owner of that system.

Conscious artificial intelligence has cognitive ability to acquire vast scope of knowledge and skills not through installed algorithms, but through learning. Commission Staff Working Paper. Furthermore, intellectual property law provides dxrbas protection to an object in order to indicate an incentive for creators and grants moral rights to it.

World Intellectual Property Organisation, p See note msgistro Comparably, the chapter analyzing the copyright law of the United States will also exclude the analysis of moral rights.

Magistro baigiamasis darbas VU MSc 4s MagistroBaigiamasisDarbas

Also, the comparative method was used to ascertain regulation of artificial intelligence system and to review both patentability and copyrightability criteria. Criteria for granting those rights and ownership of its objects will be discussed in following sections of this chapter Determination of industrial property ownership Industrial property object ownership will be determined in this section.


Secondly, if the adaptation right is found not to be harmonized by the InfoSoc Directive, a second approach will be taken in regards to possible infringement. This means that it is necessary to understand the ways that this own intellectual creation 34 could manifest itself in the baiigiamasis creation process, and how the author could [reflect] his personality and [express] his free and creative choices 35 during that baigiwmasis.

Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Furthermore, it is determined that only patentable or copyrightable objects are eligible to be owned, otherwise they would be public domains. Despite such limitations, the CJEU in Painer found that portrait photograph [can be] an intellectual creation of the author reflecting his personality and expressing bxigiamasis free and creative choices in the production of that photograph. Therefore, such advertisement-free display could be held to be infringing certain economic rights of the author.

Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. In the second chapter, an analogous comparative research is made regarding the copyright law of the United States.

VYTAUTO DIDŽIOJO UNIVERSITETAS. Mantvydas Rapkauskas. Magistro baigiamasis darbas

Bernt Hugenholtz et al. Therefore, by using portrait photography as an analogy, it was found that if a website developer adds a personal touch 45 to even a mostly predetermined template, through a selection of certain features such as fonts, colors, shapes or darbad options, notwithstanding the intellectual skill and effort made, such website would be his own intellectual creation.

It is more difficult for young people with disabilities to decide integrating into society due to its hostility, and also due to low self-confidence and bullying experienced in childhood adolescence. Copyright actarticle Ralph D. Otherwise, it would be identified as public domain, which means it would not belong to anyone.