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Lucene in Action, Second Edition. 10 reviews. by Otis Gospodnetic, Erik Hatcher, Michael McCandless. Publisher: Manning Publications. Release Date: July. Lucene in Action, Second Edition: Covers Apache Lucene Manning Publications Co. Greenwich, CT, USA © ISBN MANNING. Michael McCandless. Erik Hatcher. Otis Gospodnetic. FOREWORD BY DOUG CUTTING. Covers Apache Lucene SECOND EDITION.

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Manning | Lucene in Action

Lucene in Action, Second Edition eBook added to cart. Feb 16, 3: Synonyms, aliases, and words kanning mean the same. Beyond “one box” search interfaces. Mar 4, 6: Indexing a plain-text document.

Lucene powers search in surprising places—in discussion groups at Fortune companies, in commercial issue trackers, in email search from Microsoft, in the Nutch web search engine that scales to billions of pages.


Chapter 1 proof errors. Building a search index Chapter 3.

Part 1 Core Lucene

Using a custom sort method. When Lucene first hit the scene five years ago, it was nothing short of amazing. Jun 15, 5: Mar 28, 9: It introduces you to searching, sorting, and filtering, and covers the numerous improvements to Lucene since the first edition. Nov 15, 9: How to get the line number and the manbing within a given page?

Lucene in Action, Second Edition

P98, reference to listing 3. NutchExample is not compliant with Lucene 3. Chapter 2 errata, page May 1, 9: Adding search to your application can be easy. Adding search to your application 3.

Mar 10, 9: Any discussion on the use of Carrot2 clustering tool in LIA2? Nov 9, 3: Understanding the indexing process. Groovy in Action, Second Edition. May 4, 6: Using Lucene from other programming languages Jan 13, 2: Also available is all code from the book.


Aug 21, 3: Jan 18, May 3, 9: When Lucene first appeared, this superfast search engine was nothing short of amazing. Creating a document-handling framework. Jun 17, 1: Storing an index in Berkeley DB. Dec 16, 3: Highlighter has references to SpanScorer.

Querying on multiple fields at once.

Lucene in Action is the authoritative guide to Zction. NutchExample compilation error for new API. Further Lucene extensions 9. Spring in Action, Fifth Edition.

Dec 9,